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Discover Our Bible Study and Community Outreach Programs

At La Vida in Jacksonville we are working to make a difference through African American community outreach and advanced Bible study programs. Our ministry provides support through prayer, pastoral care, education, and much more. Help us to effect real change while celebrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mother and Child Reading The Bible

African American Community Outreach

Supporting the African American community is one of the cornerstones of our ministry. Through our outreach program, we hope to encourage African Americans to take a more active role in planning, church leadership, and group activities. Our evangelism program also focuses on promoting ongoing clergy and lay pastoral care for African American congregants who cannot regularly attend church. Through this service, we will provide transportation and other assistance for those who need it.

Community Support

We believe in helping any member of our church and community who is in need of support. Our program promotes prayer and pastoral care, identifying those among us who need additional help. As part of this program, we provide regular clergy and lay visitations for those in need, and offer assistance and support to their families. Our systematic response includes non-committed members, and we offer a small group ministry program for these individuals.

Christian Education

Our effective Christian education programs nourish the spiritual growth of all constituents, helping young people and adults to increase their knowledge, understanding, and respect for the history, traditions, values, and doctrines of Christianity as presented in the Bible and upheld within the Assemblies of God. As part of this program, we educate our members about the theology of stewardship, as well as about our church's financial needs and the depth of our ministries.

Family Programs

We offer programs for young, married, and single congregants, including a program tailored to families with young children. As we grow our ministry, we hope to establish a tutoring program, an extended support system, and more.

Strengthening Evangelism

We hope to make evangelism a greater strength in our area by adopting a strategy that actively ministers to the unchurched within our community. This program will increase the publicity of our church activities and create a ministry dedicated to welcoming newcomers.

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